When You Should Ask Your Ex To Be “Boyfriend or Girlfriend” Again

How’s it going YouTube? Brad Browning here. I’m a breakup coaching and relationship expert from Vancouver, Canada. And in this video, I’m going to address a topic that gets asked all the time…and it’s the topic of when you should be asking your ex to be in a committed “boyfriend/girlfriend” relationship again.

I see a ton of my clients make big mistakes when they’re trying to get their ex back… they use my Ex Factor Guide program and experience incredible success… but they jump the gun, get too excited, and blow it with their ex because they asked for commitment too early. If you’ve read my Ex Factor Guide, you’d know that actions such as this lead to a tremendous loss of attraction… so this mistake needs to be avoided at all costs.

So when is an appropriate time to bring this up to your ex? Well, this topic is for people out there who are very far along in getting their ex back – they’ve engaged in No Contact for an extended period of time, they’ve used several psychological triggers and hints on their ex to get him or her to start wanting to see you again, and they’ve met with their ex several times. So in short, this video is for people who are following my Ex Factor Guide outline and experiencing the success that so many other people have had.

So how should you go about in doing this? Should you simply just pop the question to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend when things are going well?

The answer is no. In fact, the most powerful way to build attraction and force commitment from your ex is to actually get him or her to ask you. So how do you do that? Well, you do it by being covert and mysterious. See, you need to let your ex know that you’re not sure whether to get back together with them or not. I know I know, deep down inside I know you absolutely WANT your ex back, but if you pour your heart out too soon and tell them this right off the bat, you risk blowing it and making him or her run for the hills.

What you need to do is act a bit elusive so that your ex begins to chase you even HARDER…and at that point, it’ll only be a matter of time before he or she is bending over backwards to make you theirs again. Sound good? So what are some ways you can act mysterious and elusive? Here are a few tips to get your ex back.

  1. Subtly say that you aren’t too sure what’s in store for you two – the most obvious way to be mysterious is to say that you’re on the fence about the whole relationship.If your ex KNEW you wanted to get back together right away, the chase, the spark, and the attraction will disappear and you’ll be left starting back where you started. So just because you’re so close to winning your ex back doesn’t mean you need to tell your ex how you really feel yet… instead, say something like…“I’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve spent together recently… but I’m still not really sure what’s in it for us in the future. ”Or maybe something like…“This feels like we’re back together, doesn’t it? Too bad we aren’t…”And just leave it as that. If your ex engages you and asks you what you mean or how you feel, be elusive and change the subject. If your ex asks you if you want to be in a committed relationship again, don’t answer right away. Let your ex continue to chase you until he or she brings up the topic of commitment on their own.
  2. Act like someone else is chasing you HARD… but be a little cryptic about it.Whether it’s true or not, you need to convey to your ex that you’re a hot commodity and that everyone’s trying to get a piece of you. Of course, you need to do this subtly otherwise you ex will know you’re just trying to make him or her jealous.There are several psychological strategies that you can employ to make your ex jealous and feel attraction for you….  one of these strategies is called the Covert Jealousy tactic.
  3. Act “hot and cold” with your ex.If things have been going really well with your ex, you’ll want to mix it up a little bit and pull away every now and then. I know I know, this may seem like you’re playing games or being disingenuous, but if you really want your ex to feel a long and lasting attraction for you, you need to use these psychological tactics. So playing hot and cold means that one minute you’re super into your ex, you’re being nice,affectionate, and attentive, and then all of a sudden, for no apparent reason you act cold and distant. This does two things. One, it creates a dynamic where your ex begins chasing YOU down.

    I mean, picture how you felt when you were chasing your ex…I bet the more he or she pulled away from you, the more you felt compelled to chase you, right? And the more your ex sent you mixed signals, the more you obsessed over trying to seek his or her approval. So what you’re doing now is reversing the roles and making your ex chase you down. It’ll only be a matter of days before he or she breaks down and asks you about commitment.

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