Signs Your Ex Is Lying About Your Breakup

– Signs Your Ex Is Lying About Your Break Up

What’s up guys, Brad Browning here, and today’s video is about figuring out whether or not your ex has been lying to you about your breakup….

Even if that’s something you haven’t really thought much about to this point, I suggest you keep watching… because, as I’m going to explain in this video, it’s extremely likely that your ex hasn’t been fully truthful to you.

Before I dive into that, just a quick introduction — I’m Brad Browning, as I mentioned, and many people know me as “Breakup Brad” because I specialize in breakups and helping folks like you get back together with an ex. And of course, that’s what I’ll be focusing on in this video, except this time I’m specifically going to discuss your ex’s honesty… or lack thereof.

For anyone out there hoping to get back together with their ex, the very best thing you can do to get started is to watch the free video presentation on my website, So if you haven’t already seen that full video, head to and give it a watch before you unknowingly make a mistake that may blow your chances of reversing your breakup.

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