Messaging women – the top 3 profile tips and first messages to make her reply

Messaging women – the top 3 profile tips and first messages to make her reply – but before we go into that, let me ask you a question:

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Video description:

Messaging women: The top three profile tips, first messages, and suggestions for online dating. That’s what we’ll be seeing in this video today.

And I’ll happily give you a bunch of excellent tips that will make you more successful online with beautiful women.

I’ll also give you concrete “first messages” that you can simply copy and use in order to get a great first reaction.

And we’ll talk about how you can make beautiful women send the first message to you.

Let’s first begin with a few very general tips that help these first messages really work for you.

Messaging Women Tip number one: the basis of getting women online.

Although lots of men don’t want to hear this, I’m going to say it because I know it’s best for you. Before we begin, one thing must be clear.

The reason you use online dating must absolutely not be because you’re avoiding talking and meeting women in real life.

Because if you have no experience with women in real life, if this uncertainty is what’s bringing you toward online dating – women are going to notice that with every word you write.

At the very latest, you’ll be found out when you go on a first date with a woman that you met online.

Because, of course, sooner or later you’re going to have to meet these women you’re messaging.

[That’s why online dating should only be an additional resource for meeting women, and never the only one.

Messaging Women Tip number two: Online dating has just one single goal. Something I see with men all the time is that they
concentrate so hard on writing to women and trying to get a good reaction that they lose sight of their own goal…

The goal is to get the woman to stop writing to you, and instead meet up with you! In real life!

The longer you just message her, the better your chances of ruining everything and ending up as the “chat partner” who she chats with for years but would never consider meeting with.

The sad truth is that lots of beautiful women have countless “chat partners” in their lives because they constantly get self-affirmation and attention without ever needing to meet them.

These women always give their chat buddies the feeling of having a chance by staying warm and friendly, but these guys really have no chance at all.

So it’s so incredibly important not to waste your time with women that play these hot-and-cold games – set up the first meeting as soon as possible

Because the worst thing in the dating game isn’t the women that turn you away. In that case you know where you stand and you can concentrate your time and energy on other women.

The worst thing is the women who spend an eternity holding you at arm’s length and sucking up your time and energy without anything ever coming from it!

Tip number three: how your first messages to a woman can come across a hundred times better.

There’s a reason why most men online never get any replies from beautiful women, so to say a reason why so many women aren’t interested in their first messages. And it’s not about the message.
Understanding this is really the key to having incredible success with online dating.

I’ll warn you: if you skip this step that’s coming up, you’re never going to be successful dating online.

What the unsuccessful men all do is spend 95 percent of their time on messaging women, and only five percent on creating an attractive profile – and that’s exactly the wrong way to do it.

The first thing a woman does when she gets your message is to put your profile under the microscope.

She wants to know who’s writing to her – she wants to know who you are!

I mean, we men do that all the time too. Before we message a woman we’ll check out her photos and profile, and if we get any messages then naturally the first thing is to check out those profiles too.

Beautiful women do the exact same thing.

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