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Love Spells are real and are part of the Law of Attraction. Whether you want to get your ex back, manifest a mate, cast a “get your ex back spell” or use a love spell that works instantly — this video explains how love spells work.

My books include: relationship advice for women and I teach everything from how to get a text message from your ex, relationship advice for couples, breakup advice for women, love advice for women, long distance relationship advice and resolving marital problems. Empowering women for over 20 years I am a relationship expert with proven experience.

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Hi guys Lanie Stevens. Love spells are easy to do and you don’t need special and unique items to do them like a hair of a dog, or menstrual blood or anything else that is weird and wacky. All you’re really doing is focusing all of your intention on one person to the exclusion of anything else.

For instance, normally you have ten different things or more running through your mind simultaneously or bouncing around indiscriminately without much control or censorship. Hey, that’s just the way our brains function and that’s normal and if you tried to stop it you would probably go mad. But when you’re doing a love spell you are focusing ALL of your attention and intention to one single, solitary thought and desire. It is taking all of your mind power and emotion you have for the person and narrowing it down to a single thought and target.

You can go back and watch my video on how to strengthen your connection to your mate if you haven’t already because you’re going to be focusing just as I taught you on that video. Focus the attention to your third eye area which is the intuitive and connection to the universe and everything in it spot because it will magnify your results. It’s really powerful stuff as you will find out if you try it. I give you specifics about a love spell in my Manifesting Love book and have a guided meditation for it on my website because it also requires getting into a meditative alpha state to work properly.

A relaxed mental state is the key to all manifesting and not just a love spell so if you haven’t been successful yet that’s may be the reason. So basically when you do a love spell you are going to take all of your mind power rattling around without direction and you are going to focus it on one person you would like to love you back. It could be your mate, your ex or a new love it doesn’t matter. Just pick the person you would like it to work on.

You can use a photo of the person to help your focus, you can use something of theirs that has their energy attached to it, you can write their name on a piece of paper if you don’t have anything more personal, and you can light a candle and place the items you have under it because again you are garnering energy from the universe and focusing your intention and direction while using your own energetic vibration to send this love to the person.

After relaxing your body and mind you can make statements like: you will return my love, you will be mine, you will think about me, you will contact me, and anything else you would like to say to illicit feelings and emotions in YOU for the person. In my book I give more specifics but what I’ve just shared is enough for you to get a feel for the love spell and how it works. The intensity of your feelings will intensify the effects so really allow yourself to get into the feeling part.

Most people have a single solitary thought for a few seconds and it isn’t enough to impact their lives or another person’s thoughts and feelings. With a love spell you are really putting your focus and energy into it and the other person will feel it instantly. Their thoughts of you will be powerful, positive and transformative. Have fun with it and enjoy the process. Not only will you enjoy it more but you will manifest love faster. See you on the next video. I hope you’re enjoying them.

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