How To Re-Attract Your Ex-Girlfriend (Ft. Kate Spring!)

and — How To Re-Attract Your Ex-Girlfriend (Ft. Kate Spring!)

hey YouTube Brad browning here and I’m joined by a guest Kate spring here for this video and we’re going to talk about how to react your ex girlfriend so this video is only for the guys out there and Kate Spring as an expert in men’s dating issues you have youtube channel as well it’s very very popular as well. If you want to check that out just search Kate spring here on YouTube.

Today we’re gonna like I said we’re gonna talk about how to re-attract your ex-girlfriend and we’re good talk a little bit dealing with with ladies in general and also how you know specific situations related to your breakup and getting your ex girlfriend back.

Okay I want to start by talking a little bit about some of the stakes that men make in that when they’re in that kind of situation when they want their ex girlfriend back. I know a lot of my clients anyway men do some things that sort of drive their ex further away. I’m thinking that those are the right things to do so do you have sort of a specific
recommendation for like it mistakes to avoid things you absolutely should not or be doing.

Yes my number one mistake with that I find with men is during the no contact period and they don’t use that time wisely. You should be using that time apart from your ex to be social get out of your house don’t sit at home creeping her Facebook or Instagram kind of forget about her for a bit and really focus on yourself because that’s all you have control over at this point and we’re talking.

So Kate you’re obviously a believer in the no contact period then? 30 days where you don’t talk to your ex at all you guys can see any of my other video a little talk about that so I see Kate’s a believer and you’re saying basically use that productively but times that you’re not talking to your ex and focusing on yourself.

Focus on yourself improve yourself and then whenyou see her again she can have a holy shit moment you got hot or like you’re just like this super duper guy now! At least it’s not what she’s expecting. Yeah! I definitely agree on that that’s what not to do, what should you be doing specifically to to get your ex girlfriend back to make yourself more attractive in the eyes of your ex what are some things you didn’t know that guys could do in that situation?

Definitely I think your ex is gonna expect for you to be at home coming through her Facebook maybe crying or watching binge watching Netflix. I think if you flip that on its head and you do exactly what she doesn’t expect you to do I think that really puts you it sets you up as a high value guy that didn’t let this breakup defeat you. Right.

As I’m being a high-value individual they’re not gonna sit around wait for their ex to come back exactly being or whatever they’re gonna get up there and live awesome regardless. Right yeah they’re gonna be social they’re gonna be active they’re not gonna just be sitting at home waiting for her to contact you so even those are probably things you’re not feeling like doing right now they’re gonna help your situation.

Okay awesome, now I want to talk quickly about texting and guys out there are texting with their girlfriends all time are you a fan of texting? Yes. I think you cannot be dating in the 21st century and not text. Yeah I agree. Texting is really any kind of instant messaging. How do you recommend guys use texting or those kinds of things to to get their ex girlfriend back and specifically breakup related texts?

Yeah, I think it really depends on so your first text message that you send her no contact after the no contact when you first start to contact your ex again her response is really important and it’s key because you can tell a lot by the tone and that how fast she responds to you and then you can kind of go off of her. So texting too much I would refrain from completely because you can always add text messages you can’t take them away! Right so it’s better to be safe than then send to me too many – Exactly less is more is my philosophy with this.

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