How To Deal With Entitled Women – Not What You’d Expect

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Ever Wondered How To Deal With Entitled Women?

Like those girls you meet who immediately treat you like you need to prove yourself to them? Women who act stuck up or like they are too good for you?

And SOMETIMES even when they don’t seem to have a lot to offer either?

This is one of the biggest frustrations men have….

BUT… it’s not so much a problem as much as it’s actually a symptom of being a man who doesn’t understand female psychology and how attraction actually works. Make sense?

So it’s important that you learn from female psychology what a woman’s perspective is when she’s meeting a man for the first time so you can then understand how to better communicate yourself so women will respond more favourably to you when you first meet them…but how?

The Legends Academy has you covered! 🙂

Watch the video now to learn:
– A woman’s perspective on meeting a new guy
– Why women can seem entitled
– How men cause women to act entitled
– Tips on how to better communicate yourself
– An inspirational ‘rant’ by Dating Coach Ben Alexander at the end
AND of course SOOO MUCH more!

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