Did You Ruin Your Chances Of Getting Your Ex Back?

– Did You Ruin Your Chances Of Getting Your Ex Back?

Hey guys, my name is Brad Browning, you may know me as “Breakup Brad”…. I’m a relationship coach and breakup expert from Vancouver Canada, and I’m the author of 2 best-selling programs including The Ex Factor Guide.

Today I’m going to be addressing a topic that I get asked about constantly here on YouTube in the comments on my videos, and from my coaching clients…. I’m going to help you figure out whether or not any mistakes you’ve already made since your breakup have blown your shot at getting back together with your ex.

So, if you’re in that boat.. If you’ve done or said some things to your ex since the breakup that you now regret, or that you realize now were a big mistake… and you want to know if there’s still hope to win back your ex, then stay tuned.

First of all, let me give you some good news right off the bat…. You’re not alone.

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