9 Facts About Dating Japanese Girls – TIPS FOR GUYS

I recently found an article online “9 Facts About Dating Japanese Girls” written by Yuta Aoki. I asked my good friends to see whether or not we agree with these facts, and we offer some tips to guys who are interested in dating Japanese girls!

From the article we discuss the following “9 Facts”:

1) Japanese women don’t always say what they really mean
2) It can be difficult to find a healthy, long-term relationship in a bar
3) Being hesitant is not always a bad sign
4) Japanese women do date South Asian men
5) They can have a very specific ‘taste’
6) Be wary of excessive interest
7) Japanese women can be accommodating
8) Some might want a green card
9) But a genuine, fulfilling relationship is totally possible

The orginal article can be found here:

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