6 Subtle Ways To Get Your Ex To Notice You

— 6 Subtle Ways To Get Your Ex To Notice You

Hi, Brad here… and here are some subtle ways to get your ex to notice you. If you’re coming off no contact and are looking for ways to get in touch with your ex, then using the subtle approach is best. Remember, you don’t want to give off the impression that you miss your ex or that you need to talk to him or her for no good reason – instead, you want to reach out with clear and obvious intentions… or, instead, you could try seduce your ex into contacting YOU!

Here are six tips that will help you accomplish this:

Tip number one – Like one of their photos.

Yes, one of the best ways to remind your ex of you is to simply like one of their photos on Facebook or Instagram. Trust me, your ex will notice. This is a great tactic to have your ex reach out to you because it doesn’t show any neediness or desperation… and plus, who doesn’t like a ‘like’ on Facebook or Instagram? If you really want to make your presence known, you can easily just comment on that photo too with something short and sweet like… “Great photo! Where was this taken?” And since you’re publicly commenting on Facebook or Instagram, it comes across as non-threatening and friendly… and this is the best vibe to give off if you want to subtly send a message to your ex that you’re still around!

Tip number two – Post a picture or status that reminds your ex of a good memory.

Did you and your ex have a favourite camping spot? Hiking spot? A favourite café maybe? Posting a picture on Facebook with some good friends is a great way to remind your ex of some of the good memories you two shared when you were together. But here’s a bit of warning: if you’re posting a picture with a date or someone of the opposite sex, you’ll come across as someone who’s trying to make your ex jealous. Right now, you DON’T want to piss off your ex – you just want to send friendly and subtle reminders. After awhile, your ex will reaching out to you in no time.

Tip number three – Reach out to a mutual friend

If you had a friend that you and your ex shared, grab a cup of coffee with him or her just to catch up! You don’t have to mention your ex to this mutual friend while you’re together… and you don’t have to try anything sneaky. Just have a good time! The hope here is that your mutual friend let your ex know that you two hung out — so bonus points if you think this friend is a loudmouth. This is a super subtle way of letting your ex know that you’re still part of his or her life…but in a totally non-invasive way.

If this mutual friend begins asking you about your ex, then don’t say anything negative or noteworthy…just say something like, “I haven’t talked tor my ex in awhile…but I really he/she is doing well!”

If you want to learn a few more subtle tactics to let your ex know that you’re still around, then head on over to my website, BreakupBrad.com and watch the free video presentation. In that short little video, you’ll learn a ton of subtle secrets that will help you get your ex to come crawling back to you, no matter the situation. Again, that URL is BreakupBrad.com.

Tip number four – Send a group message.

If your breakup was on good terms and you vowed to each other to be friends in the future, sending a group message can be a great way to remind your ex of you. The group message to set up a big group hangout is great because it shows that you don’t want to spend one on one time with your ex. This way, your ex will be reminded of you and he or she won’t feel obligated to message you back. You could try and arrange a party or a group hike through this message… or plan a small day trip with a bunch of your mutual friends. And this is also a great way to rebuild the attraction that you lost with your ex in a group setting. Just don’t be discouraged if your ex doesn’t reply or show up — remember, it’s probably still a little strange for your ex to be seeing you in a normal environment right now, so don’t sweat it if nothing comes of this.

Tip number five – Host a party and send an invite to your ex on Facebook.

Again, just like the group message, by sending an invite to a party, you’re implying that you wouldn’t mind seeing your ex but you don’t necessarily want to spend one on one time with him or her. This also gives your ex an option to easily opt out if he or she isn’t feeling comfortable with that sort of thing yet. Even if they say no to your invite, don’t feel discouraged!

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